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Highland Grass Fed Beef Warrenton MO.

grass fed beefMissouri GrassFed Meats is a two family farm owned and operated by Randy and Pam Cordell along with Greg and Jevney Barrett in Warrenton Missouri. We started raising our own food 5 yrs ago for a healthy alternative for our family. Our animals are raised on pasture their entire lives and are never given any vaccinations or antibiotics, which are immuno-depressant, no growth hormone implants or shots, which are steriods given for faster weight gain, and no chemical wormers or de-licers. Our animals are rotated through lush green, clover-rich pastures, helping to produce ecologically enhanced soils.
Our beef and dairy cattle, sheep, and goats never receive grain. The pastured Berkshire pigs are supplemented with a non-gmo feed. The layers are moved behind the animals in a mobile coop allowed to forage freely eating bugs and grass and are raised in a natural environment.

Fress Eggs

Now that we are marketing our Grass Fed premium Highland beef, you can enjoy the delicious, healthful, Grass Fed / Grass Finished Highland Beef year round in your own home. Contact us for current availability and to arrange pickup.

Grass-Fed / Grass Finished Highland Beef is:

Low in Cholesterol
High in Omega 3
Free of Chemical Pesticides
Free of Antibiotics
Free of Artificial Hormones
Free of Animal Byproducts


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Premium GrassFed/Finished
Beef, Lamb and Goat

Pastured Pork, Chickens
And Eggs

100% GrassFed
A2/A2 Raw Cow’s Milk

natural grass fed beef

" Farm fresh "pasture eggs" from our own flock of naturally-raised chickens. Contact us for current availability and to arrange pickup.

St. Louis

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